Americal Div. 2022 Reunion

The Americal Division Veterans Association will be holding its 2022 reunion will be held this August in Alexandria Va.  Both the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the 82nd served in the 23rd (Americal) ID in Vietnam and are eligible to attend the reunion.  The 1st Battalion was activated for service with the Americal Division in Vietnam arriving in 1968 and was part of Division Arty. providing supporting fires for all three of the 23rd's Brigades, the 196th, 198th and 11th Infantry Brigades. It had 3 batteries with towed 155mm howitzers and one battery of 8" SP's.  The 3rd Battalion was direct support for the 196th Brigade and was equipped with towed 105mm howitzers. It and the rest of the 196th in 1965 and was the last US artillery unit in Vietnam.   

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