POW/MIA We knew you for only a short time but we will never forget you. You gave your youth, your life, all that you had to offer for us, your comrades and for your country. We can do no less in return than to preserve the memory of that sacrifice so that it will not be in vain. We pledge to do what ever we can to see to it that your loss will be counted among the last sacrifices that must be made on the altar of Mars, the ancient god of war. Till we meet again at roll call on the last firebase.
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TypeLast NameFirst NameDateComments
KIABacevichAndrew J.4/13/2007 
KIABoneJessie C P2/3/51 
KIABrownHarold Milton06/11/69small arms fire
KIAByrnesRobert Scott2/9/68 
KIAChappellEdward Lewis03/19/69burns (mine)
KIAConnorPatrick9/9/70Small arms fire
KIACostelloJeremiah D.6/02/2007 
KIACottrellEric D.8/13/07IED
KIACozardDonald E2/3/51 
KIADennaDavid8/5/70small arms fire
KIADinunzioCarl Lawrence03/22/69rocket, mortor
KIAEngstromAndrew T.7/04/2007 
KIAFordJerry Stevenson10-24-70 
KIAForrestMonte8/5/70Small arms fire
KIAFralichRobert J9/19/50 
KIAGagneBertrand Ronald08/22/69other causes
KIAGermanBromley Howard01-06-68 
KIAGivensDavid Jerry08/31/69explosive device
KIAGouldWilliam T9/20/50Died of Wounds
KIAHarrisDean Allen1/28/71Accidental drowning
KIAHarrisEdward Leon4/12/68Frag. wounds
KIAJohnsonJustin04/10/04explosive device
KIAJostesForrest J.04/04/04small arms fire
KIAKaufmanJay Allen10/11/68explosive device
KIAKozakDavid5/11/70multple frag wounds
KIAKurthChristopher06/04/09small arms
KIALeflerDavid Allen4/12/69Multi frag. wounds
KIALopezJuan M. (Jr.)8/13/07IED
KIALurthMelville Albert Jr.6/8/69multiple frag wounds
KIAMaderoVincent A.10/17/2007IED
KIAMayoBarry W.3/5/2007IED
KIAMcDowellEarl Wayne08/14/69multiple frag wounds
KIAMcMahonRaymond F9/21/50Died of Wounds
KIAMichelDavid G.6/11/69 
KIAMillsCarroll2/6/71Shrapnel wound
KIAMillsKarl William6/11/69Small Arms Fire
KIAMontgomeryEddie Jr5/19/69Explosive device (mine)
KIANepsaKeith V.6/02/2007 
KIAPacificadorPaulomarko U.8/13/07Shirley, NY
KIAPalmentaEdward V.6/11/69multiple frag. wounds
KIAPerrodinCurtis9/9/70Small arms fire
KIAPisciottaWayne Carlyle7/8/71Explosive device (mine)
KIAPolkJohnny R.7/25/09Died of wounds

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